Team STEAM California

Monarch Butterflies are in Danger

Habitat loss is contributing to the decline in the Monarch butterfly population.

Dear Next President,

The monarch butterflies are in danger, their habitat is being destroyed by people and they are dying by the millions! Help save them by growing more milkweed all over planet Earth and especially in the United States. Monarchs canโ€™t live without milkweed because they lay their eggs there and the caterpillars have to eat it. Milkweed is being killed by poisonous herbicide, this can be very bad for the monarchs, their habitat is being destroyed. Help save the beautiful monarch butterflies or they might become extinct from the Earth.


Joseph, Jane, Bryan, Ruben, Alani, Allison, Auggie, Rosalyn, Alexander, Ana, David, D'Marcus, Lyndsay, Ms. Mellissa, Mr. "Book", and Ms. Comacho