Jordan O'Bryant Virginia

We Need Bees

Dear Future President, Name is Jordan O'Bryant and I'm here to talk about a main problem in the environment today. There are many things wrong in today's environment. From Global Warming to the water problems in Flint, Michigan, but the biggest problem is what's happening to our bees. We need to focus less on what's happening in other countries and aim our attention on one of the biggest problems in our nation. According to National Geographic this issue has been relevant since 2006. National Geographic has said that the reasons for many of these bees dying is from pesticides the farmers use to keep their crops free of bugs. These pesticides get into the bees’ systems and make them susceptible to the gut parasite Nosema. As Americans we should be worried about the extinction of bees. They pollinate over 100 of our main crops. As president, I suggest that you set a regulation ,much like the EU did, on their pesticides. With this regulation farmers would have to use the correct amount so as not to be deadly to our pollinating friends. Sincerely, Jordan O’Bryant