Daquan California


Air pollution causes health problems.

Dear Next President,

Do you know how much Pollution that is in the air? It is enough to pollute the whole United States? If so, that is a lot of Pollution .  If we don't do something to stop or reduce the air pollution, the earth  will be a terrible place to live and the pollution will cause more asthma and COPD  (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), a serious lung disease.   That's why you have to help us make the earth better again. Air pollution is blowing in the wind from Asia to California. Experts say that Asia is the country that spreads most of the Pollution towards the west coast of the United States.   Research tells us that  last year, "pollution in the San Joaquin Valley area exceeded permissible pollution levels on several occasions". President please help us clean the air and reduce pollution.



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