Jaden California

Walk In Their Shoes

My point of view on the controversial topic of abortion rights in the USA.

Future Mr. or Mrs. President,

An issue that I would like to share with you would be the issue of Pro-Choice/Pro-Life. This is near and dear to my heart because I was in foster care at one time, and it broke me down. The foster care system is something odd and strange and for a seven to eight year old. It's depressing- the system laughs in your face and kidnaps you, leaving you hopeless, wounded, emotionally intoxicated, on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. The system is a bully. And every foster care home doesn’t sing a song to the perfect harmony. The woman I lived with told me that I, “wasn't black enough.” She told me that I, “talked like a valley girl.” She made me use boy soap because she didn't want to buy girl soap. On Halloween she she only bought me a costume because my mother said she would pay her back the $20. (But she nagged my mother everyday for it.) I was going through a lot. I missed my mom. One Christmas of my life I wasn't with her. I prayed for a miracle to happen, for instant change, but it didn't happen. It was like Maruchan, an instant meal: the box says it only takes one to two minutes, but that's only if you like semi-crunchy noodles. Personally, I like everything in my home to be like Maruchan, perfect and in harmony. Before this lovely cycle of my life happened i was HAPPY!!!!

I know from one to experience foster care that abortion is sometimes the better option for a child. It not only allows for the baby (fetus) to NOT experience the pain and sorrow of foster care, but it makes a statement: Would you rather have your child grow up in poverty, in a single-parent, abusive home, developing signs of depression? If you can end it before the fetus takes its first breath that says “I'm alive, real, and a new born baby?” Abortion isn't a bad thing. Neither is life, but life can cause death. Every living thing dies. Why not end an unknown life rather than end a lonely, known life?

There are now 1,065,000 foster care kids in the system. 650,000 of them stay in the system for seven years. 415,000 were admitted into the system as of 2011. 40% of these were white, 34% percent were black,18% were hispanic and the annual turnover rate was 20%. Meanwhile, there were 1.21 million abortions performed in 2008 which declined to 1.06 million in 2011- a significant decrease of 13%. This means in 2011, 13.9 abortions were performed per 1,000 women and in 2008 19.4 abortions were performed per 1,000 women. In theory, if the percentage of abortions had stayed the same in 2011, at 1.21 million, then abortion would have in fact shut down the foster care system and substantially decreased the amount of money the government received off these kids. There would have been no foster care system after 2008.

People who are supporters of Pro-Life say that abortion is bad because you are tearing apart a fetus to remove it from the uterus. However, 88.7% of abortions take place at the twelfth week of pregnancy. Which means that there’s not much life happening there.

People who support pro life say that adoption is a better option because a baby is not being destroyed. Many have a religious standpoint which makes them keep their head and opinions to what their religion says is right or wrong, but they are also not fully aware of the statistics behind foster care and adoption. Not everyone gets adopted, in fact only 12.6% of children in the foster care system get adopted. In 2012 only 13.1% of children in the foster care system got adopted- a slight increase but not enough. Did you know that 52% percent of children in the foster care system are males and 48% are girls and the average age for a children in foster care is 9 years old? And the average stay in the foster care system is 23.9 months.i do not believe that as an american citizen male nor female should be allowed to make their opinions become the statement that dictates over and independent women .whom lives in the united states of america.i do not believe that on earth their should be a superior statement , or human being that can control what one does to their own body . in america we have the government to help our country succeed and to help our citizens in the long run . not to focus on weather this person is a bad person because she doesn't allow for the evil of selfishness of society to dictate weather her biological child should take his/ her first breathe or not .or how to satisfy all of the american people . that's not how america was intended to be. We claim to be an independent country to our citizens and other countries but what are we teaching ourselves and the ones who look up to us . abortion is a right so why try to take something else away from our independence as women . there's already problems with gender equality . why choose to pile lies of how us americans are so “independent” and “free.”  It all comes down to a questions as raw and straightforward as this . are we going to be an independent country or are we not . But on the other hand you have people who are Pro-Life who say it's not right . and it sways me but i also believe that abortion isn't a bad thing because the following reasons.

You can only relate with those who struggle if you too have once struggled. You can only relate if you have been in the shoes of the person you claim to relate to. Just like one who grew up without hot water and very limited food supply could relate with someone who has been in the same shoes. If a person does not support abortion then they don't have to get an abortion. It’s a matter of choice. America is allowing its so-called citizens to dictate each other's lives. We’re supposed to be an independent country, the land of the free. We are not a DICTATORSHIP.

So why take it to a point where people are dictators over other women? What happened to equal rights?

Thank you for taking your time to hear me out,

Jaden T.