ha p. California


I want to talk about education and the future of the United States.

Dear Next President,

You are the future of our nation, but this nation still not perfect yet. So please help us improve it. The most important problem need to care about now is sexual assault. There are a lot of women,child, college-high school students and men get raped everyday. And a lot of rape victim think about suicide after they get raped because it hurts them a lot even physically or emotionally and mentally. So please accuse all the rapist and put them in prison and make them feel the pain of the rape victim. Second thing is help homeless people get jobs, I have ask a lot of people, all of them said that the bank or the government took their house, they sick and they no one want to hire them so they cannot pay the debt. I donโ€™t know if they tell me the truth or not but just please help them, give them a chance to restart their life. This nation will be much more better if there are no more homeless people. I believe you will be a great president, everybody will love you if you help our nation better, make America great again.