Natalie W. California


Racism is a very important topic everyone needs to understand. It can influence others lives and start war and conflicts. Everyone needs to try to prevent racism, starting with our president.

Dear Donald Trump,

Racism and discrimination have been used to put others into categories. Many years ago and today, people have been racist and used others skin tones to put us into groups.  Racism needs to be stopped.

Racism is targeted towards African Americans a lot, “Studies show that police are more likely to pull over and frisk Blacks and Latinos than Whites.” ( This explains that police trust Whites more than Blacks, Just on the tone of their skin. To add on “disproportionately impact men of color. One in every 15 African Americans are put into jail, in comparison to one in every 106 White men.” (American Progress). Studies show that Whites are less likely to be put into jail, and Blacks are more likely to be caught during a crime . Another reason is “slavery became a science, in which tens of millions of people were killed or enslaved because of their race, and skin color.” (soundvision). Slaves were the starting point of racism. It was a very impactful time in history. Because influential leaders tried to prevent racism from developing. This is very important, because Blacks are being put into groups, because of their ancestors.

One of the ways that we can prevent racism is to enforce schools to teach kids about racism, because many children don’t know what racist means. So they treat the subject lightly. An African American child says “How come they are better than us?” this shows us that kids are noticing racism at a very early age. Another child says “his mom is Black, and his dad is White. Isn’t that weird?” Children need to be taught this subject, so they can understand every race, and be respectful about it. So when children grow up, they can be full of courtesy.

Many people today take racism to a whole different level, and don't realize how impactful it can be on someone's life. Racism needs to be stopped. I want my future President to try and attempt to prevent racism.

Sincerely: Natalie

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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