Nikhil California


Global warming is not a hoax, we need to act fast before a mass extinction, which endangers and could wipe out humanity. Terrorists and the national debt aren't our biggest problems. This is a global problem, and we need to set an example.

There are lots of issues that are happening right now that need attention. ISIS. Police Brutality. The Economy and National Debt. Another looming World War. Russia. All of these are real, legitimate issues that need to be dealt with. But in my opinion, global warming is the biggest problem out of all of these. After burning fossil fuels for the last 100 years, the world has created a greenhouse effect which is slowly heating the Earth. This may have seemed good at first, since it stopped the climate from getting colder, which was a trend before climate change. But the ice caps have slowly started to melt, and sea levels have gone up ever since due to that. 

If this goes on for the next 20 or 30 years, it may be too late by then to stop the inevitable. Extinction. EXTINCTION. MASS EXTINCTION!!. The first of those has already happened, as endangered species have dissapeared off the face of the planet. If a mass extinction happens, the human race could easily perish. This is not just our problem, this is the entire world's problem. THE HUMAN RACE IS SLOWLY COMMITTING SUICIDE! 

At this point, action must be taken right now. The U.S needs to negotiate a deal with all other major countries about finding a renewable source of energy. Solar energy needs to be our number one source of energy, and nuclear as our back-up. We need to abolish greenhouse gases, and set an example for other countries. This will make America great again.

In conclusion, Global Warming is not a hoax. There are still more unforeseen consequences that we need to get rid of now. STOP CLIMATE CHANGE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!