Joey O.

Racism is everywhere

My letter is about how racism is everywhere and i want it to be stopped.

Dear President,

I wanted to address a problem we have about a lot of schools. I wanted to talk to you about how racism is played in schools, such as people making fun of other people for being a different skin color. The reason i wanted to talk to you about this is because some kids that are getting bullied might have a terrible life at home and when they get picked on and people being racist to them they just want to hurt people and hurt themselves.

Another reason is because racism leads to violence and that’s one of the worst things in our world. When people bully other kids for being a different skin color or something they might start violence and get into a lot of trouble even though it wasn’t his fault. Violence is one of the worst things in our worlds because it can lead to some people hating the world and hurting people because some random person picked on them for there skin color. Racism in schools is especially a bad thing because it leads to fights at school and they get in trouble.

A issue there is, is that people aren't born racist so that means they were influenced that it’s okay to be racist and then they go to school and be racist to people. A major problem at our schools is people being racist and even the teachers can be racist and they end up being fired because of stupid things they did. Another thing that people do about racism is rioting. A lot of people riot because of racism and police end up coming and there's violence. Like a example when some people speak out they end up getting hurt because some people don’t care what they have to say.

One last thing i wanted to bring up is just racism anywhere. I think we need to stop people from being racist because this could lead to a lot of things including violence and bad consequences. Such as some getting injured or getting jail time or something like that. A lot of kids go crazy and i think racism is one reason theres schools shootings. Most shootings are because of bullying but some are from kids being racist to others and get their revenge by shooting up the school. I wanted to issue racism because it’s one of the biggest things in 2016, such as some of the actions that have been taken place this year. And police brutality has something to do with racism.

The really big thing that was including racism was the year Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand against racism and stood together and fought for it to end. Martin Luther King Jr. took a very important stand against white people about racism, such as taking punishments and getting beat by the cops. Another important place was when Rosa Parks sat on the wrong side of the bus and got in a lot of trouble and took punishments just because she sat on the white people side. Thank you Mr. President for taking time to pay attention to a problem i have. The main reason i wrote this to you is so you can do whatever it takes to try to end racism and make peace between all colors. My name is Joseph Ober and take you for reading my letter about a serious problem we have in our world.