Taanish California


This letter is talking about the trouble Isis is causing problem. This also talks about how to stop Isis and what they are doing to the world.

Dear Future President, 

Isis is bombing and killing a lot of areas and people in the world but, mostly in the Middle East. Isis has caused many problems in the Middle East, like attacking and taking over villages. And in other parts of the world Isis has bombed and killed people. We should unite and try our best to stop Isis.

The problems Isis is causing affects everyone. Like the Paris bombings for example. Isis has killed around 130 on that day of the bombings. Also the Brussels bombing was caused by Isis. That bombing was in an airport in Zaueatem, Brussels, 35 people died and a couple were seriously injured. Isis has also taken over many villages and made it their bases in the middle east.

We can stop this issue of Isis bombing everyone. We can increase our technology. By increasing our technology, we can try to find them. Another way is to advance on military weapons. The military forces can fight them better with those much more advanced weapons. Lastly the way to stop them is to make allies. If we make allies we can the more military and financial support.

In conclusion we can and will stop Isis one day. With our military and allies’ support we can and will stop these bombings that is causing a lot of trouble to our society.