Emily F. California


My views on abortions

Dear Future President:

To begin with I believe that every woman's body is her own and it should be her choice on what to do with it. I understand that some religions are against abortion and how the fetus is an innocent, and you will be killing an innocent and although I believe it is very sad, it should still be the woman's decision. Making abortion illegal leaves women with no options. For example if abortion was illegal and a woman was raped and got pregnant, she would have to stop her life and carry this baby. People may make the case that adoption can cancel out abortion; however, I don't believe that it is the best option for every woman or even the child. Some women could have health issues that could put the baby and the mother at risk. The pregnancy process requires certain vitamins, weekly doctor visits, consistent healthy diet and many months of pain. Some mothers can be on the journey alone and be unable to provide the things necessary for a healthy child.

In conclusion, abortion should be legal and it should always be a woman's right to make the choices for her body.


Emily F.