maizie Michigan

Big Cats are NOT Pets!

This letter is about how exotic cats (Big Cats) are special,and need to be left alone! And NEED to stay in their own home NOT ours.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Hi I am a 6th grader from the Lake Fenton Middle School in Fenton Michigan I am writing because there is a big issue with exotic cats!When you think of having a tiger as a pet you would think that ridiculous no one wants a potentially dangerous animal as a pet! But that’s where I come in there are 29 states in the United States right now that allow exotic cats such as:lions,tigers,panthers,etc.As pets.Either partial banned(9 states),need permit or license required(13 states),or NO permit OR licence required(7 STATES)!I believe that ALL states should BAN exotic cats from ever being pets!

For one according to Big Cat Rescue “The following is a partial listing (760) of incidents in the U.S. involving captive exotic cats since 1990. The U.S. incidents have resulted in the deaths of 24 humans, 17 adults and 5 children, the additional mauling of 261 more adults and children, 275 escapes, the killing of 147 big cats, and 133 confiscations. There have also been 299 big cat incidents outside the U.S. that have resulted in the deaths of 98 humans and the mauling of 156 humans by captive big cats.” So why put these animals through this much agony if it results in such tragedy.

For two here is some information that was gathered by

There Were Approximately:

8 incidences where an attack occurred because a zookeeper didn't properly secure the lock outdoor before entering the cage for cleaning.

100 attacks from animals performing in a show, in the cage with the keeper, or being taken for a walk in public (direct contact).

**25 attacks were from escaped exotic cats.

18 attacks from authorized contact (petting) with the cats.

38 attacks from unauthorized contact with the cats (zoo visitor jumping barriers, break ins, etc.).

3 attack from a leashed, unattended animal to a member of the public.

1 accidental fall in the enclosure

28 incidents where big cats attacked by reaching out through the enclosure (attempts were not being made to touch the animal).

7 attacks from animals being moved from one cage to another.

4 incidences that didn't fall in any of the above categories.

27 incidences where sufficient information to determine the mode of attack (but not the type of owner) was not available.

I know it’s probably a lot to look through but this information is important!

Finally my favorite part solutions according to Big cat rescue “Thousands of lions, tigers, cougars and other big cats, as well as bears, are kept in backyards, garages, and even in homes. Many states do not restrict private ownership of these powerful carnivores that can never be domesticated. The result is a patchwork of laws and a thriving commercial trade in exotics by breeders touting these dangerous animals as “good pets.” They are easily obtained through newspaper ads, the Internet, and directly from breeders. Naïve and unsuspecting private owners who purchase them, often as adorable and seeming harmless cubs, soon rue the decision. There are innumerable reports of such “pets” that have maimed or killed their owners or members of the public, often children.”

“Big cats and bears cannot be humanely maintained by individuals without the resources or knowledge to care for them. They have very specific physical, behavioral, and nutritional needs that few laypersons know how to meet. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states, “Large wild and exotic cats…are dangerous animals. Because of these animals’ potential to kill or severely injure…an untrained person should not keep them as pets. Doing so poses serious risks to family, friends, neighbors, and the general public.” So please can you please do anything in your power to stop this.


Maizie W.