Ethan P. Michigan

Guns need to be demolished

I am writing about why guns need to be more controlled. People don't take into thought how many people have died with gun violence.

Dear Future President,

People are dying literally every day by gun violence. People are losing their family. Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment. Just imagine how many times guns have ruined people's lives. It's so terrible when you really think about it. If we regulate guns better, we will be getting rid of so many problems. Including murders, injuries, and protests. That is just naming a few examples.

Guns impact me personally for many reasons. People I love have been injured and killed by guns. One of my really good friends was a victim of a drive-by shooting and was put in the hospital. People are illegally buying guns from black market websites. Those are the main source of weapons and they need to be shut down.

Did you know as of right now in 2016, there have been 47,629 incidents with guns? This statistic really shows us how bad it is right now. This comes from Those include injuries and even deaths. And almost half of that number is teenagers and even kids. This number is almost double then it was last year. This your time to make this number decrease Future President.

Like I stated before,the effect of this issue is people are dying. Most people don't get how serious this is. Even our law enforcement which is supposed to protect us, is abusing the power they have with guns. Innocent people are dying and there are ways to stop it, we just need to finally put it into action. Every day, 90 people die from gun violence. Every day, 216 people are shot and injured. This comes from All the other info comes from

I think I've stated all I had to. What more do I have to say? We need to shut down black market websites immediately. We need better background checks. We need to control our law enforcement. I beg you Future President, we need change, and we need it fast. I hope you are gonna be the miracle we need. 

Sincerely, Ethan, 9th grader


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