Nevaeh .S. Michigan

Military Payment

My letter is about sports players getting paid more than the military.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Hello, my name is Nevaeh, my brother is in the military and I think it’s unfair that sports teams are so much more appreciated than them. I think that the military is under-appreciated, and I don’t think it’s right. While sports teams are so over-appreciated, they are so praised, for doing very little, barely touching a ball, or puck. I believe that the military deserves to be paid more than sports player do!

The purpose of our military is to protect our country, not play sports. The average sports player makes about $6,555,000, and the average military worker makes about $19,900. See the [difference? The military works just as hard, maybe harder and they deserve better than that! We need to help find a way to give them more money, they work to hard to just be plain out ignored! Sports players usually make tons of money, and the military doesn’t! I personally think that’s very unfair. Sports players may train almost all week, Monday - Friday that is. The military never stops working, from training at boot camp, to rescue missions or wars, it never stops! “Semper Paratus, Always Ready” is the Coast Guard’s motto, they never stop working, but sports players take breaks. When the military is on a mission do you think they sit down and grab a glass of water or gatorade and wait for the other men with them to do it? No, they don’t they keep working no matter how hard it is even if they are hurt. When they are on a mission they don’t give up or forfeit, they keep going, they NEVER stop. I personally think that it’s not fair, while our military are out fighting for our freedom against terrorists and other countries, they just run or skate around shooting and passing. While the military gets shot and killed they are just simply shooting a basketball or throwing a football. If someone from the military gets shot, no one really hears about it, when Steph Curry scores a winning goal it’s all over the news though! It’s very unfair, to them and to their loved ones.

We pay the Coast Guard about $20,000, and hockey players at most 10,500,000, that’s a $10,480,00 difference. Quite a lot, if you were saving the country would you want to be paid more? A possible solution to the problem is using more of our tax dollars towards the military funds, or selling military based items and having the money go to them. Or even having fundraisers for certain branches. I hope you will help fix this problem and not just avoid the situation, thanks for reading.


Nevaeh .S.