Benjamin Michigan

Animal Abuse

My letter here is a letter about animal abuse problems. There is also some solutions

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

We are mean to animals, we torture them, WE KILL THEM!One million animals die a year from abuse. I think this is a problem that you can fix it with your power. I will tell what I found for problems and solutions to most of the problems. I think you will change what people are doing to animals with what I have in store for you. Before I tell you what the problems are I want you to think about what the problems are and how you will be able to fix them,from problems to solutions. I’m Benjamin and I don’t like people who don’t treat animals with kindness. I’m in 6th grade and I think animal abuse is bad.I believe that animal abuse is one of most biggest problems you should be worrying about.

According to Wikipedia and Humane Society, billions of animals (mostly frogs) die every year due to educational activities. I think we should cut down on dead animal activities because if you've ever killed any animal you should imagine that was you dying. In America and other countries elephants have been abused for circuses and shows all for fun and never to save them by hurting them.

The shocking number of animal cruelty cases every day is just the tip of the iceberg and most cases are unreported to the police. Every 19 seconds animal cruelty is being reported throughout the United States! Animal neglect is one form of cruelty and can cause tremendous suffering to the animals that are getting abused.

According to ASPCA, My San Antonio, and Prezi, there are some solutions to some of the problems in cruelty/abuse. The first is the best thing that everyone can do is report any suspicions that you see and report it to the local law enforcement agency etc. We don’t want to hurt innocent animals because their lives matter as much as our live do. You should also be a role model to small children to be nice to animals because you can get arrested for cruelty to animals. You can volunteer to help animal shelters so their can be more food so less animals get put down and add more cages that there is. There is one last solution I have is to have even more harsh punishments for the people who have abused animals.