Gracie Michigan


Too many people are killing themselves each year from bulling. We need to do something.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

There is a problem that I am super concerned about and that is bullying, cyber bullying, and hate which in the end may lead to suicide. Suicide is a horrible thing. People are getting bullied so much and so bad that they are killing themselves. One million people kill themselves each year 4,400 of which are from bullying. We need to do something about this.

Over One MIllion people kill themelves each year, acording to 4,400 of which are from bulling. That is a horrible amount. say 32 million people are victoms of bullion each year, inluding me. I would go home crying everyday for 4 weeks straight because kids at school would be so mean to me. I can tell you, it's not fun. Long term bullying can lead to depression and feeling that you are worthless, that's why people commit suicide. say that people bully other people because they want power, or they just feel anger or stress. A way we call solve bulling is we can make survays and websites so reports bulling, stated by We can also have students be able to talk to an adult, schools should have a certan peorson who is always available and can help ou and a students just know he can talk to he or she whenever. Lastly some advice from me, i think there should be organizations that teach students the following, if you see someone getting bullied, say something to the bully. When i got bullied there was one person who stood up for me and said something to the bully and I will never forget that. If you stand up for someone it will make them feel wanted and not so worthless, you might even save their life. If have a student who is a bystander tell and adult right away to solve the situation as soon as possible. Keep all this in mind. I believe if everyone just become a little bit nicer we could make the world a better place and hopefully stop suicide.