Angelina Michigan

Teen Driving

This letter is about how teen driving is becoming more risky.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Many teens are excited to drive. Even though I don’t have my license yet I know what trouble I can get in too. Even though it's very exciting to start driving there is danger involved , you have to be responsible. I believe that the driving age should increase.

Teens that drive are more risky. According to Governors Highway Safety Association there are more car accidents from teens than the car accidents from drivers that are twenty and older. When teens get their licenses they might skip school because there parents don't know. Some parents might be happy about not sending them to school or practices, like I said they might just skip. Also that when a teen is driving when they go to school they might have to pay too. Some schools charge to get a parking spot.

Another thing that get teens distracted from are cellphones. Cell Phones are probably the thing that cause the teens to get into accidents the most. About 5,864 accidents and 16-19 are killed everyday from motor vehicle injuries. Things teens also get distracted easily from drinking. Lots of accidents are from other passengers. A Lot of the sites i’ve been on say it's best not to have other passengers, example National Safety Council. I learned teen driving when I was doing study island for a ribbon. When I was reading a passage about it,that's when I learned the accidents from teens.

Possible solutions to teen driving is for parents to drive with them for a couple months even after they get their license. Also another solution is not to drive at night even though they have a curfew.Maybe if not increasing age maybe the curfew. Things that could help from preventing accidents are no cellphones, no extra passengers, no speeding, no drinking,and no driver or seater without a seatbelt on. Last is for parents not do the things that the teens are not suppose to do. So next president consider to increase the age of driving.