Winjourcy Roberson Massachusetts

Gun Violence

This is a letter on how gun violence affects our community.

Dear new President,                                                                                                   September 30, 2016

My name is Winjourcy Roberson, and I attend Community Academy of Science and Health also known as C.A.S.H. located in Fields Corner Dorchester in Boston MA. Many lives have been taken away from family members, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc.

 I have been researching gun violence since middle school and throughout high school. Just a couple days ago, I had to watch "Ted talk" videos on the topic and issue of gun violence. Nicole Hockley was the name of the speaker, she had a lot to say about gun violence. Nicole had two sons by the names of Dylan and Jake Jake being the oldest. Nicole had lost her youngest son Dylan due to this issue which means something needs to be done right away. Gun violence brings a lot of tears and depressing memories.

My position on this topic is things need to be changed, things like the law. A couple options that could be added to communities could be; more community cops more protection, more after school programs,more surveillance cameras, community get togethers, more community centers, community services and lots more. This topic should be important to focus on because without your help, our communities wont get any better, peoples lives are threatened, others are scared, kids being forced to do such terrible things due to gun violence. So in conclusion, gun violence needs to be addressed and fixed before more lives get taken, PLEASE!!


~Winjourcy Roberson

~P.S. Its really important, I lost many friends and a couple family members, its a very sad case.

~Thank you.