Gandhy U. Massachusetts

Letter to President


Dear President, 

My name is Gandhy Ulysse, I'm a junior in high school.  I attend Community Academy of Science and Health, which is located in Boston,MA. I'm from Haiti and I came to the United States at the age of 9, and 12 days after I left Haiti the tragic earthquake hit Haiti.  It was devastating. A lot of people were hoping to come to the U.S. through different ways so that they can have a better life. Many of which are still waiting to hear from the immigration office.  Its been 6 going onto 7 years since the earthquake happened. People are still suffering, some are still living under tents, most are still out of jobs hoping for a better tomorrow.

The topic of immigration hasn't affect me personally, but it is affecting my community. A lot of people have families who are still waiting  on the immigration office to process their application. With the process moving slowly people are coming to the country illegally.  They are risking their life by doing this. This shouldn't be happening but that's what it's coming down to. I'm asking you the 45th president  of the United States, to please do something.  Help our little nation that is seeking you. All these people want is a better life, not only for them but for their children.  

Nelson Mandela said "Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future."


Gandhy Ulysse