Andrew Grant. Massachusetts

National Anthem Protest

No one should be kneeing for the National Anthem it is disrespectful.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

I was sitting on my couch ready for Sunday football and I see something that catches my eye; this man is not standing for the National Anthem. At first I did not understand it but then the day after I heard what it meant and it made me furious. This is very important to me because people should have to stand for the Nation Anthem. This is very important to me because this makes me feel like when people do this it makes people mad and cause people to disbelieve in our country. I think this is very disrespectful and no one should do this or they should get fined by the government.

CNN states “NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hopes to see players from all 30 teams standing for the national anthem when the regular season begins next week.” This is right because this is telling the NBA players that no one should be kneeing for the National Anthem. Another statement CNN made was “Before the anthem, the crowd chanted ‘USA! USA!’ When Kaepernick jogged onto New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York, for his first snap, the crowd greeted him with boos -- and not just because he played for the Bills' opponent.” I think this show that when people do this it causes people to lose faith in this country and that it was right for the Bills fans to do this. Colin Kaepernick should feel guilty and admit that he made the wrong choice.

I think Roger Goodell should do something about this situation. I understand this is a right and you are technically allowed to do this but these people are at their jobs and should not able to show something terrible to this country even if he is trying to show us something. He is giving the U.S. a sense of doubt that we can’t make our country better. I had a sub come in today and he did not want to talk about his political views because i ist wrong and they're here to let us think whatever we want and in some way support it . Another reason this is bad because people who are fighting for this country and families are losing their lives every day. These people are fight for the US and not just because they want to shoot a gun. What these people have been doing is wrong and I want you Madam or Mr. President take this in consideration and make some changes.

Best Regards,

Andrew M. Grant

Baker ELA


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