Elizabeth Massachusetts

White privilege

Dear future President, my name is Elizabeth Flores Moya, I am 17 years old and currently attend Community Academy of Science and Health high school as a senior. My topic is about white privilege. This is a very important topic to me and to many other people because there is a lot of things going on in the world today that isn't fair, especially when it comes to black and white people and their crimes. "I am convinced white men spend their life doing dangerous things because being a white man is too safe." - This was Shyne Coldchain Jr's response on twitter when a video of a white man bathing in hot sauce and almost going blind went viral.

White men have more privilege than black men. This is a fact. A black man can commit the same crime as a white man, yet the black man does more time in prison... why is that?  Because of white privilege. White privilege shouldn't be a thing because if you commit a crime you should get charged for that crime no matter what skin color you have.   No white man should be able to commit a crime and not deal with the consequences, it's not fair. There are white men, including cops themselves, the people who are suppose to serve and protect us, killing people and not getting punished for it. 

  Its like if you are white its okay to kill, to take someones husband, brother or son, away from them and nothing will happen to you. Often times the police officers feel "threatened", but when it's your job to serve and protect the people, your first instinct shouldn't be to pull the trigger. There have been so many times where a cop has killed someone and just got suspended leave, nothing else.  But once a black man gets in a fight he's in prison for a year. There are white men killing black people and then blaming it on "mental illness"; like the man who went into church and killed 9 African Americans just because. He wasn't shot at, he wasn't hit, and he wasn't killed.  But if a black man calls the cops because his car broke down he gets shot and killed. Police brutality and this whole white privilege thing needs to stop.   


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9tfB6DT9eQ                                                                                             If you think about it this is really insane, there are white people LITERALLY either getting away with murder or not being convicted for enough time just because they're white. Its completely ridiculous. 

Another incident that just happened recently was with the little 6 year old boy who accidentally got shot and killed by two cops that were black. The two cops, of course got charged with murder but my question is, if the roles were reversed and it was a WHITE cop who "accidentally" shot and killed a black 6 year old would they be getting charged with murder too or will they just get a suspension from work like every other white cop who kills someone? If the roles were reversed, i'm almost 100% sure that this would be a totally different story, the white cops probably wouldn't have even been charged.

This is to the next president, please convict anyone, white or black if they break the law, police brutality has to stop and this whole white privilege thing has to come to an end. This topic doesn't only effect me, or Hispanics, it effects everyone.