Tordenzil T. Massachusetts



      My name is Tordenzil Toussaint, I live in Boston and I'm a senior at Community Academy of Science and Health(CASH).  I was born in Haiti, and I have been living in the USA for three months. I came here for my education, because life in the USA is very good if you have a dream.  And I'm very motivated to accomplish my dreams. This is the reason i work hard in school.

I am writing this letter to you the president to tell you  the importance of immigrants.  Immigration is an international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives. Every year the percentage of immigrants increase very fast, because everyone in the world needs something that his country can't give to people. I learned many immigrants participate in the social life in the USA, and immigration is important for many reasons. A prime reason is economics: labor shortages need to be filled by immigrants to keep American businesses going. At the same time, an oversupply of labor (especially unskilled labor) can drive wages down. So it's important to have smart immigration policies that help the economy.

Culture also plays a big role. Historically, the US has had many immigrants and our culture has been enriched by that fact. New traditions and new ideas have made their way into America through immigration.

Finally, immigration is important to many individuals. Americans fall in love with people from other countries, or may have family abroad. Immigration policies that allow people to stay together can be a big deal to these people. I think the future President should know all of these reasons are important, but of them all, keep in mind that there are many teenagers who need an opportunity like many to continue their study in the US.