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Evolution of Woman's Rights

It's time for women to stand up for themselves and the future generations

Dear Future President,

Women’s right is an important topic to me because as a young woman I am now observing the difference of how women and men are treated. On the news and on tv, you see more and more cases of women being treated unfairly and disrespected by men. Not only are women being treated horribly but people just assume that women can’t do tasks that men do only because of their gender which lowers their self-esteem. Many women in places like the Middle East, can’t even go outside their homes or anywhere without a male present. Women all around the world need to realize that they can do anything they put their mind to, and it doesn’t matter about what gender they are. I believe it is wrong that men think that they can abuse and hurt women without even caring about their feelings. As a result of this, women feel ashamed of their body and who they are when really these should be proud and think strongly of themselves. However, women around the world aren’t just sitting around and letting people take advantage of them, but instead standing up for themselves and the future generation of upcoming woman. 

An example of women being treated unfairly but then standing up for themselves is, a woman in Afghanistan named Farkhunda.This woman was burned and then got thrown into a river because she was accused of burning pages from the Muslim holy book. This caught the attention of many people and it especially made the woman in Afghanistan very mad. Even though Farkhunda did something bad, it was small enough that the punishment and usually the punishments aren’t that harsh. So, the woman took a stand to show their anger toward this action and instead of the men carrying the dead body, the woman did to show that not only men can do the job. Although they know that this small action wouldn't’ do much to help the woman get their own rights but, more actions like this would help motivate other women to do other protests like this one. The woman’s rights movement of Afghanistan has improved since 2001 and even small changes were made. However, women know that this can be a very dangerous thing for them to do because all the men don’t like how the women think they have some power so threats have been made. Though, nothing is going to stop the women from getting their own rights.

Another example is with a woman named Berry Heart who is from Botswana, Africa. She has experienced men taking advantage of her and other women because they seem to see them as objects, not people. However, Berry wants all woman and girls to feel like they own their body and they shouldn't be ashamed of who they are. They also shouldn’t be afraid of what people could do to their body but be content with themselves. So, she started to write songs and poems about her feelings and she shares them with everyone hoping to motivate other woman and girls. She also took pictures to represent the fight of being a women with limited power of themselves and their own bodies. Berry knows that it’s a struggle for woman in Botswana because they aren’t treated the same as men but she wants to fight for her rights. Therefore, that’s why she chose to use music and art to represent her battle of being a woman where you're treated unfairly and having no voice.

My call to action is that since you will be the new president, you will have all this power which you can use to make a difference. First, you could have women be paid just as much as men are paid so there’s no difference in their salaries. Also, you could meet up with other leaders from various places where women are being treated disrespectfully and come up with a plan to put a stop to this issue. Another thing you could do, is congregate with the other women right’s groups to help motivate them and other woman to stand up for themselves. As being the president, you have a lot of power and everyone looks up to you. Therefore, if you can use your power in the right way, you will be able to help all those woman out there suffering from abuse and unfairness or even end the whole issue of discrimination against women.