Allison R. Massachusetts


This letter is about how people treat forests lightly and just chop them down.

   Dear Mr/Mrs President:

I must inform you that there is a enormous problem that needs to be stopped it's called, Deforestation. Trees one by one hacked down, At an unbelievable rate. Six billion trees chopped down an year, and about 2.47 million a day. Thats Horrible how much we are wasting, That one pencil you snap in half in class, The drawing that you mess up and throw away, That time when you are too lazy to recycle just because today you don't feel like it so it goes in the trash, and that time when you yank a stick out of a poor tree that just wants to make it as long as it can. Mr. or Mrs. President with all of the power that you have you could put a end to the harming of our trees the trees that make our world the beautiful place it is. You could make laws, have restricted areas, and maybe even have some sanctuaries where we could keep our trees save from the lumberjacks who don't care and will hack away until that tree is poof, gone.

Deforestation is a serious topic and it is causing harm to our beloved world. We need to stop taking trees for granted as discussed in the article I mentioned above, “However, the recovered land is fragile, creating a cycle of further destruction.(Parham 2)” We may be planting other trees but as the article states the land is fragile and soon it probably won't benefit us if we just keep hacking down trees.

Deforestation contributes to global warming. As this article also said, “Fossil fuels, deforestation, and global warming are so closely related, it's hard to see where one issue ends and the other begins. Like the glaciers, the distinctions melt away” (Parham 3). Global warming is one of the huge issues that almost everyone knows about. It's a large problem, and we are contributing to it in ways that we might not think we are, One of those ways is the lesser known issue of deforestation and that's the issue i've brought to you today Mr. or Mrs. President. I want you to lead the world in creating sanctuaries and protected land for trees.

Some people think using trees no matter what is important because people need trees for many things. “Many people rely on rainforest wood for building, as well as meat and crops from farmed rainforest land “. Therefore we the people think that we can just chop them down and later we will plant more so people are not wasting trees because we are recycling them with their seeds. Also not chopping down some rare trees that we might want to conserve could be a very bad idea because maybe the cure to cancer lies inside one of them “About a quarter of our medicines come from plants. But, there are many undiscovered species in the rainforest that might one day provide a cure for deadly diseases”. Finding that cure could change our nation and imagine all the money and cash that people could make towards finding a Cure to Cancer Or diabetes there are also endless uncured diseases that if we cured our world would be a much better place. With us chopping down the occasional tree for our resources and planting them back at a later date is ok because with recycling these resources we are not wasting them.

Citizens may be planting trees back after they use their resources and maybe one of the trees that we must preserve could have a cure to one of the many deadly diseases, but we still must protect trees. Maybe a tree like the Pennantia baylisiana, Which is the rarest tree and maybe the most limited plant in the world. There is only one left standing in New Zealand which has stood there proud since 1945 could have a curement in its roots to find a cure to cancer. But I dont think its worth the chance of risking an species just to see if we could cure cancer, before we just go chop it down we should have evidence that the cure is hidden inside the tree and maybe carefully extract a sample before just going straight ahead and chopping the rarest tree known to mankind down. Yes cancer is a very serious topic but there could be other alternatives like maybe algae could have a cure in it which there are millions across the home to us Earth. Now there's the alternative of replanting trees but as this unknown person states “Even if trees are replanted, they take years to grow back.” And become as the quote above states because trees are fragile and we shouldn't be messing with them even though it might not seem serious. So deforestation maybe is not the best idea without doing out research and replanting is not the best route either.

So the topic deforestation should be settled with its dangerous to everyone and we need trees to survive. With people using paper,pencils,making homes,firewood,chairs,tables, and many more. We need to conserve them we could use sanctuaries have protected land or even have a new law that forbids people from poisoning or burning down forests. If there is an curement to a sickness we should do our evidence before chopping trees down and going off that. We could replant trees but regrown trees are frail and weak and it takes very long amounts of time for a new full grown tree. Mr. or Mrs. President please take all of this well thought out information into consideration and save our forests to expand life itself. Deforestation is serious and with it we will not make it far, so we need to stop it before it becomes too serious and we are not able to stop it from happening

With admiration and respect,

Allison R.

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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