Aidan P. Massachusetts

American health care

American health care way to expensive

Dear Madam or Mr. President, 

The topic I want to discuss is American Health care. This had been many issue and many debates about it but in reality American Health care is very expensive. I think this is important because many families have a hard time paying for it and without health care getting sick is a really big problem, not just being sick but also getting medicine or treatments.

I know many people disagree with me but here's the thing, there is a medicine called Nexium. Nexium is a medicine that can help a disease called (GERD). The prices on this type of medicine in the Netherlands is 23 dollars which is a reasonable amount of money for medicine . But Nexium in America cost 305 dollars the gap between these prices is incredibly different. But you can’t say there is a difference about these medicines because they are the same medicine. Another thing is that this can also affect you. There is an article about the topic I am discussing right now. And its says “Each week about 1.5 million Americans without paid sick leave go to work despite feeling ill.” This can make us have an unhealthy environment to live in.

The president needs to address this because many families health can be at risk and also this can make many districts and communities in danger. First I said that healthcare is way too expensive. But as I said earlier many people go to work every day even though they are sick and can’t afford the medicine so they have to make money, and they can only do that is to go to work. In conclusion Health Care needs to be addressed because many families can be affected by this

Baker ELA


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