Roseberthe C. Massachusetts



Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I'm Roseberthe Clerveau, a 12 grade student at Community Academic of Science and Health and I'm almost 18 years old.  I am myself an immigrant from Haiti. I'm writing about the immigration issues which is one of the most important issues in America for a long time.

I believe that immigrants are really important for the country .  They have been working to improve the way people live now in America. Without immigrants the country will fall down because they work hard and still work hard for the development of the country. America needs people who are willing to work hard and those people are immigrants. I believe that they should be treated like citizens are treated.  They should have the right to vote, and not be limited from doing or having what they need or want because they really deserve it. 

 Someone who leaves their country and comes here to the U.S. to have a better life should be someone honored for their courage for leaving behind all their family and friends, and having to speaking another language.  These people also come here to go to school and learn English and work. I'm not encouraging people to come to U.S. illegally, it's important to go through the process to be here but if they are already here, I believe that they fought, and suffer to be here so they should get a chance to stay here. 

This  issue should be handled in peace. I know as president you will look forward to helping everybody who's here working for the sake of the country, and I believe that many of those people are immigrants.