Ericlyn T. Massachusetts



Dear President, 

  My name is Ericlyn Teah, I came legally to the United state in 2005 with my family .  I am currently a senior at Community Academy of Science and Health , which is located in Boston Massachusetts . Ever since I was young I always dreamed about visiting America.  My dream came through. Today, I have transitioned from war to peace, from refugee to citizen of the United States of America and from refugee camp to a modern city. I am able to achieve a better education and have all fundamental rights and basic social needs. Today I want to talk to you about immigration.  

Today immigration is impacting our communities in many ways and society is unconcern .  I really never focused on immigration until  three weeks ago, when we started talking about birthright citizenship and immigration. I learned the differences between Law of soil, Law of blood, Anchor baby, and Nationalization. Proving that our youth only know about illegal immigrants crossing the boarders, but don't really know the consequences they face.  For example, they can't vote, can't file for their family, lack of money, and can't get high paying jobs. Also, It's sad to know that undocumented lower and upper-class women who come into the U.S to have a baby  who is considered "Anchor baby" and take their children back to the countries of their citizenship. The problem here is that all parents don't pay the hospital bills before leaving. 

I think immigration policy should change. Immigrants come from all over the world to the United States for help. The immigration status should change because some people come here and do nothing to help themselves because they're immigrants, they just live on government money , and that stops others who are working hard enough to get the benefit they need. Immigrants who fail to better themselves after years should be sent back to their country. And immigrants who work hard,  and file for a legal paper to stay in the United States, if they don't, they should also be sent back.

This topic is important because we want to see changes in our community.


                                                 Ericlyn Teah