Coleman N. Massachusetts

College costs are to high!

Dear Mr/Mrs. President College is a great thing and it can help many people get great jobs but it's costs are way to high it's still rising! College is to much money for young adults to have to pay and their student loan debts are to high afterward. If the college prices continue to rise like they have over the last 20-30 years almost no one will have the money to pay for a college education in the future.

Hello Mr/Mrs. President my name is Coleman Nee, I am a high school student in Nipmuc High School. Congladulations on becoming the new president of the United States of America, I hope that you will make good choices and make America a great country. I think that the college prices are to high for people to pay. One of the things you can do to help the U.S is bring college prices down and allow more people to get a better education.

Above is a chart that shows the comparison between college prices, a families average income, and the costs of things other than college that the family uses. As you can see everything on the graph has been rising, but the college prices have gone up at an alarming rate compared to income and other things. This chart ends in the year 2006 but since then the college prices have still been rising and now they are as higher than they have ever been before.

Right now public two year colleges can cost up to $11,000 a year which would be $22,000 for the two years. In four year colleges the price for one year could be from $19,000-$32,000 and it is rising, which is way more money than most college students have access to, four years of college can cost more than $128,000. This is the price just for the school, excluding a place to stay and food to eat which would just add to the cost each year. The only way students would get this money is from loans or scholarships or from their parents because very few students have $128,000 or more saved. Since most students turn to loans when they are going to college the U.S. is over 1.2 trillion dollars and more loans are made everyday and they get harder and harder to pay back the longer a person waits. School Scholorships are good way to pay less for college but not every student is able to get scholarships, and if a student does get a scholarship they would still have to pay a huge part of the cost of the college. Sometimes a persons parents can help with college costs but if you are in a large family or are the youngest in a family they can't always afford to send you to a college because the prices are way to high to pay for even one person, so imagine paying double that if you pay for two children, it's way to much money. I think that if college prices are brought down that many more people will want to go to college, and there would be many more educated people in the country. Thank you Mr/Mrs. President for taking the time to read my letter.


Coleman Nee

Nipmuc High School

F Group WEX II


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