Mike A. Massachusetts

Protect and Serve to Obey or Die

Police Brutality

Dear next president,

                  It's a pleasure to be sending a letter to you. To begin, my name is Mike Calixte. I'm currently a senior in Community Academy of Science and Health in Boston, Massachusetts. When you begin your next term as president, I believe you should focus on the issue of police brutality. The United States fought wars outside our borders and not domestic. There's a war going on in our own turf now. Protect and serve turned into obey or die. There's no justification of why civilians should worry about coming back home safely when being approached by a police officer. You need to focus on police brutality. 

              Police brutality isn't anecdotal, it's systemic. There's a great volume of police brutality is reported and now it's in the news cycle daily. There's several reasons why police brutality occurs frequently in the United States. For one, many situations can be avoidable. Accidents can be prevented if situations doesn't escalate. If you emphasize on police training, less situations will occur. To be more specific, police should be trained on how to diminish situations. This will surely decrease police brutality.

              Consequences for misconduct at a police officer is at a bare minimum. According to The American Conservative, 99% of police brutality reports in New Jersey isn't investigated. 1 out of 3 police officers nationwide are convicted if they are proven guilty of police brutality. If the consequences aren't high enough, then our officers aren't afraid to commit police brutality. 

                Protect and serve turned into obey or die.