Rocky L. California

Gun Control

Gun control is a very complicated issue because although gun violence is a huge problem, banning guns might not be the fix.

Dear Future President,

Gun violence and mass shootings are increasing significantly throughout America. I do believe that there needs to be action taken against the issue, but more gun control laws might not be the fix to this problem and could result in more gun violence. If there was a law to make people give up the weapons, most likely, only the good citizens would listen. People willing to go into a public area and kill many people for no reason are already ruthless enough to commit such a horrible crime, so they are very unlikely to listen to the laws restricting guns. The good citizen’s who follow the laws and do not commit these crimes would follow the law, giving up their guns, which they would be using for protection.

I do believe that people buying guns should be more background checked than they already are, because it is quite easy to buy a gun, yet there are some cons that come with more thorough background checks. It would probably take significantly longer, which would be problematic if someone felt in danger and needed a gun very quickly for self defense. If one felt so threatened they felt the need to buy a gun, they probably would not have the time to wait for the background checks to be done.

The Second Amendment gives citizen’s the right to bear arms, and if this amendment was changed, it drastically changes the importance of an amendment. Although edits to the constitution have happened in the past with the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition), I think that changing the Second Amendment would take away peoples right to self protection. Many mass shootings happen in gun free zones, where security and citizens can not protect themselves against the shooter. Gun violence is a very complex issue and I do not think there is a quick easy fix to the problem, but I do think that banning guns would not be the most effective solution. 


Rocky L.