Estefanie V. California

Fairness on Salary

Money helps us in many different ways especially in our living situations since nowadays prices are going up each year. But how can the prices go up and not people's salary?

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on your presidency. I hope this letter reach your hands and hope you take charge on raising people's salary in a fair way. Today many people are working very hard to survive and maintain their families as long as they can. By not raising their salary you are not only making life miserable to them but hurting children emotionally. 

So if the fast food restaurants are growing every year in their profits then it should be fair that worker’s salary should be raise by dollars not by pennies. Employers are not getting enough money to raise their families, themselves, or even pay their rent. People cannot afford their living with one job since they only make less than $700 in 15 days if they work 8 or 7 days every single day. People now at these days work everyday because if they don't then the company that they are working for will reduce their hours or even take days off. Just because people want to rest it doesn't mean they have to have a ramification for resting.  

From my personal experience my mom works 6 days a week at Mc Donald’s and Pizza Hut. She wakes up at 6:00 a.m. in order to have time to eat, prepare her food, and dressing. By the time my sister and I wake up, we only say good morning and then goodbye. Then she leaves at 6:30 a.m because she has to walk and get there by 7:00 a.m. Then she has to work at Pizza Hut at 3:30 a.m. which means she has only 5 minutes to change and be there at that time. The good thing is that both jobs at close from each other but still. At the end of work, she comes to home at 9:00 p.m. very tired and with a headache.

First, I consider my mom as a hard worker because I see how she suffers and even though she seems tired she never complains about it. Back in my country, Guatemala, she didn't had to kill herself as she does now. Sometimes when she comes from work she has burning on her hands, pain in her feet or hands, stress, or back pain. She looks very tired and physically bad because she is doesn't eat well or gets enough sleep. I have seen her suffer for the last 4 years and is not easy to see her like that for much as I do not want to.   

Second, my sister and I suffer emotionally when she is not with us at home. We came here to the United States in 2010 and from there on we have lived in a house with my other family members, which it has been a nightmare. We only lasted one month there and found another place to lived in which was a garage. I honestly liked the garage but the problem was that at that time my mom was only working at Mc Donald's and couldn't afford to pay the garage. So at the end we came back to the house and today, we are living here but nothing has changed. I sometimes cried at night because it hurts me that your family from your same blood treats you different as if you are nothing but a servant. When your mom or father is not with you it just means one thing, no one will treat you better then they will do.  

The only thing I am protesting is to raise their salary to $15 per hour. It will make a huge impact in my life but to many people that are going through different situations. By raising people's salary the benefits are: 

• Spend time with the ones they love

• Rest their body physically and mentally

• Being able to pay their rent at time                                                                 

• Less injuries

• No pressure

• Being satisfy on what they are doing

As a student who sees, discusses, and most important has being in this situation like many other people, want to speak out for them and fight for a better payment on salary. If this is a country of freedom and opportunities then it should care more about employer's freedom of speech on salary raise.