David S. Minnesota

Gun laws in America

The U.S.A. has the most gun related crimes out of any other developed countries in the world combined. It has very light gun laws and regulations. High mortality rates, and how easy it is to acquire a firearm, are the reasons why i think there should be more strict gun laws.

The availability of guns contributes highly to gun violence. The second amendment in the U.S. Constitution states that everyone has the right to bear arms, or own a weapon. This makes sure that anyone can acquire a gun, including derranged minds with a desire to kill others, which can lead to mass shootings, and other gun related crimes. For example, the Orlando nightclub shooting, which resulted in the death of over 47 innocent people,  could have been prevented by installing a more thorough integrity and background checks of the shooter. Many other gun crimes could be prevented if the criminals are not given weapons in the first place. A while back, Australia experienced a mass shooting of their own. They started putting stricter laws on the purchase of guns, and because of this, they have see a massive decline in gun-crimes. If we also enforce stricter gun laws, we could also see a decrease in gun violence. 

Many people will bring up the fact that they have the the right to own a weapon for self-defense, and do not want a very long and complicated process for the acquiring of a firearm, for example, what if they are unable to defend themselves against an attack? Or what about hunters trying to get firearms just to hunt? While many gun owners are armed for self defense or recreation, just as many will be armed for malicious intent. So being able to filter out bad people could save many lives and prevent a multitude of crimes, like armed robbery, terrorism, or murder. The Government has tried to tighten it's grip on gun regulations in the past, but most of these previous attempts have been shut down by large and powerful gun activist groups. Groups that have the power and money to make a court case turn in their favor. If the government would invest more time and money into making these laws, they could become a reality.

America has very leanient laws on firearms, and this has lead to it being the most gun-violent developed country in the world. Because of its high mortality rates, and little effort in acquiring a gun, have convinced me that this country needs stricter gun laws. We want this country that we live in to continue to thrive, and be a safe place for everyone to live. Laws like these can improve these statistics.