Ellie F. California

Fighting Against True Evil: The Need For a Global Crusade Against Climate Change

In politics, it is rare to find an issue that transcends the differences among cultures globally; however, climate change truly is a universal evil. Creating a global front against climate change will both improve the health of our planet and the health of our country's relationships with other nations.

Dear Future President,

As you must understand, there are few certainties in politics. The binary of right and wrong does not apply to the messy and complicated nature of public service. This logic applies to almost every policy or issue that faces our nation today except one, climate change. Climate change is undoubtedly bad, and it is already is affecting every person on our planet. As controversial issues like abortion and gun laws continue to gain more and more public attention, further dividing our nation, it is important to find a cause that can truly unite both America, and the world as a whole. Having an international focus on the issue of climate change can serve as a cause that can both improve the health of the planet, and the relationships that the United States has with other nations globally.

Yes, I understand that fighting climate change is not necessarily as black and white as I may have previously described it. Ending environmentally some of the harmful practices like fracking, will shut down billion dollar agencies and lose millions of peoples jobs, which is certainly an extremely major downside to the crusade against climate change. However, investing in companies in clean energy has the prospects to make extremely significant revenue and create new jobs to compensate for those lost.

That counterargument aside, one primary reason to fight against climate change that is often overlooked is its potential positive effects on the health of our nations foreign relations globally. The natural disasters, global warming, and decreasing biodiversity that climate change brings threaten the future of our whole world, transcending the political and cultural differences that continue to cause strife across many different nations. A global and united front against climate change has the potential to both aid the relationships our country has with many other nations and save our beautiful but dying planet.

So, Mr. or Madame President, I urge you to pursue this opportunity to benefit both our planet and our society.

Most Sincerely,

Ellen Feingold