Jake V. Wisconsin

Gun Control is bad

Gun Control should not exist

Dear Future President,

          Did you know that multiple studies have shown that gun laws do not reduce crime rates? The purpose of gun control is wrong belief that gun laws will eliminate people from using guns to commit crimes. Gun laws will not reduce crimes. “From 1992-2011 the number of violent crime and murders fell because gun laws became less restrictive” according to the Washington times. Also the Washington Times states, gun crime rates do not rise when the number of concealed carry permits increase. The problem here isn’t about the number of guns there are, it’s about who is using them.

         Most research only focuses on gun related crimes, because crimes are such a highly researched topic. The NFA (National Firearms Act) of 1996 banned owning guns in Australia. One study found that the research on concealed carry laws is all over the place. Some studies have shown that more guns lead to more gun crime when other research shows the exact opposite (The Washington Post).

         The 2nd amendment was created to allow people to defend themselves against “any attempt to do them harm by a private outlaw or government agents evaluating trust” (Forbes). Since mass public shooters pick targets mostly where the people can’t defend themselves, a concealed carry weapon could save lives. For example, A Virginian woman (Lisa Harris) saved multiple lives from using her concealed carry pistol to take down a shooter in a department store. The man pulled out a .223 AR-15 rifle from his long coat and fired blindly at people. Harris ran from behind and shot him dead, preventing multiple casualties from happening (The Boston Tribune).

         After thoroughly researching this topic my views against gun control have strengthened; in addition, I feel qualified to debate my stances against gun control.