Estefany Aguilar California

The Homeless

In this letter, I want the community to know the problem with homelessness. Every night there is a homeless person sleeping at a bus stop, in a tent, on a bench or anywhere where they can stay the night. All over the United States there are programs that give the homeless a dinner. That is great, but it doesn’t help eliminate the tens of thousands of homeless people in America. With some help from the future President it can be possible.

As the next president of the United States, I would like to propose an idea. In shelters for the homeless offers just a place to stay the night. Just in Napa there is 8 shelters. They provide shelter and some a drug and alcohol rehab. The Program that I envisioned was to help the homeless get back on their feet. In San Francisco, “The city’s homeless has been estimated to 7,000 to 10,000 people”(Wikipedia,Homeless in the U.S.) This shows that there’s many people that are in need of help. This number only represents one city in California. Shelters are getting fundings from: The National Alliance to End Homelessness, The Salvation Army, The National Coalition for the Homeless, The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (United Way), The Department of Veterans Affairs, Feeding America, Housing Assistance Council, Help US and more. If we were to replace a shelter or two and make the building with: living spaces, career and readiness, lending clothes,Rehab, medical assistance and more. With this program there would be more homeless people seeing the possibilities of turning their life around.

When the world sees homeless people there are different perspectives on them. It can be that they’re sad for what they are going through, or call them lazy and think that they should get a job. I cannot deny that I have been one of the people that mentions that they can get up and get a job. Ith that in my mind it was very surprising when I read on the National Coalition for the homeless that “As bad as it is for the 44%of homeless people who have jobs can't escape homelessness.” There are homeless people that wake up and take the bus, walk or take a bike to get to work. If these people enter the program that I would like to have built, would help them save to get their own house.

There would be many homeless people that would be delighted to have a temporary house that helps them have a better life. There are also people that would deny the offer. For the most part, I believe that homeless people would expect to get help for their better good. There are parents that would do as much as they can to help their kids. Unfortunately there are a ton of kids that are living on the streets for various of reasons. As said on the NBC news article on American children, homeless, “About 2.5 million kids were homeless at some point last year.” There are also families that have been separated because of their parents state of poverty. Those parents that have the urge to get back with their family would be able to join the program to make it possible.

Now, how can the president helped. The first thing is to announce the problem to the United States. With the future President saying that having so many homeless people is a real issue; people would want to help. The most important thing for the president to do is to talk about the idea of the program, and possibly get the people to donate. Since there is homeless shelters already made an option is to close little ones that aren’t doing so good and get their fundings from the government to make a bigger better one.

In conclusion, this future program will help the homeless. It will make the communities look more appealing, and bring market values up. With less people living on the streets the less tents and living areas there are. The program can get funding like any other shelter can, but this program will be different. They will help get jobs, save money, food and having a roof over their heads. This program should be all throughout the United States to help save lives, and defeat the high number of homeless people in the United States.


Estefany Aguilar

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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