Michael G. Minnesota

Gun Control

Gun control in America should not be up for debate, it is our right and responsibility to hold and keep guns.

Dear President,

Gun control in America should not be up for debate, it is our right and responsibility to hold and keep guns. Gun control is constantly being pushed by liberals in congress and other left wing policy makers. These anti gun lobbyists are unaware of the real truth. They don’t know that gun violence is down big since the 1990s and that guns save many more lives than they could ever kill.

Gun violence and gun related murders have always been a problem. But often times the gun is blamed and not the man who is guilty. This type of thinking is sending the wrong message to the public. Anti gun lobbyists also believe that gun crime is at an all time high and is growing. Gun violence is down the biggest it has ever been since the 1990s. It is widely accepted that areas with high amounts of citizens having a concealed carry leads to a drastically decreased number of burglaries. We are trending towards a much more peaceful time in terms of gun violence. Liberals most often say that the reason guns are bad for us is that they are used for mass shootings. When in reality, mass shootings account for less than 1% of all gun related deaths. The majority of them occur from accidents, which can easily be prevented from proper training. We are all misled by anti gun lobbyists and it is crucial that we know the truth.

Guns serve a very important role in our society. They are used by law enforcement, the military, and citizens to keep safe. Liberals try to argue that guns kill so many innocent people and nobody should have them. If guns weren't used international threats and domestic crime would run rampant. In the last five years over fifteen million people have had to use a weapon for self protection. If all those people did not have weapons imagine the amount of murders we would have in this country. It is critical that the next president of our country upholds our constitutional rights to have weapons and reaffirms the importance of them to every American.

Having weapons is part of our heritage as an American, and was how the country was started. Many try to take away our most valuable rights because they think they know what is best for us. Many things will never allow politicians to take our guns, but the strongest is the will of the American people.   



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