Gustavo California

ocean pollution

We can all put an end to ocean pollution, we just have to learn to care.

Dear, Future president Everyone loves the ocean. Its a great part of our world and a even greater place to experience. We love the ocean, but no one treats it that way. I am interested in this topic because i am a fisherman and fish all around the west coast and the San Francisco bay. Even in the most secluded places,there always seems to be a way for trash to make its way in there. see the problem is that no body cares, they throw a big party lets say at the beach and the next day there's glass everywhere,trash,ashes,plastic bottles etc. Yet no one picks it up and that how the pollution starts, it goes into the ocean and messes everything up for the wildlife. seals, fish, turtles is one example of victims of pollution. We have seen them eat the plastic, get wrapped up in it to the extent where they have to ask us to help them, some even die. Even huge whales have a problem with ocean pollution. some fisherman never pick up line and that hurts the wildlife too whales get tangled all the time in fishing line. some beach themselves and die and other get lucky and get help from the small mount of people who wants this to end. This is a big problem, some day this pollution will lead too where we wont even have anything in our ocean. sincerely, the 13 y/o from cali Gustavo