Kerem G. Georgia

Climate Change

Climate Change has become an issue and is causing many effects.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing this because I am concerned about this issue. It has become a huge problem lately, and it has been affecting the environment and the people a lot. This problem is Climate Change. It has affected the world all around, which has costed millions of dollars in damage.

This issue has impacted the world’s environment in so many ways. For example, it causes hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. It has killed loads of people and wounded dozens too. This issue has been hitting the people of the country pretty hard as well. The citizens have been losing their homes, their loved ones, and have to move to different parts of the world to get away from it.

Global warming and climate change together have been making the world a devastating place. People think that it’s not that much of an issue and that this is not happening in their area, but the same thing can also happen to them as well. Climate change is something that can come out of nowhere and knock you down and people need to take it seriously or it can happen to them as well.

Weathers have been very obnoxious everyday because of climate change. This is a very life threatening cause and the government should invest money on it every day to stop this issue. There should be safety drills on how to handle a situation with climate change so it doesn’t have to affect anybody in the future.

With the global warming trend going on, another change happened. That change is called the “Greenhouse Effect”. The atmosphere traps heat radiating into the Earth, and the certain gases from the atmosphere block the heat from escaping. With the heat inside, the climate gets worse and worse, which causes natural disasters that are indescribable.

I hope this issue will be fixed in the future of our time, and none of these disasters will happen.


Kerem G