tim k. Iowa

Climate Change

Dear Future President, The planet Earth truly is amazing. It gives all organisms the necessities they need to survive. The problem is: too many people are taking this amazing home for granted. Human pollution is the most obvious cause of Earth’s climate change. Climate change is real and it’s a major problem in today’s world. If not us, it will affect future generations greatly, and the effect won’t be a good one. It’s up us, and you Mr./Mrs. President, to do something to stop it if we want to save our planet and our animals. Climate change, or global warming, could very well be the most important issue our nation faces at this time. Temperatures have been rising for years now, along with the loss of ice in colder climates. Polar bears are directly effected by this loss of ice. Polar bear weight and reproduction is declining due to loss of polar ice. According to The National Wildlife Federation, “...population of polar bears near Hudson Bay has decreased 20 percent in 20 years.” Polar Bears are being negatively effected by global warming, and it isn’t their fault; it’s ours. We have to also start understanding that we need to protect our future generations. If we keep up our behavior of ignorance, the weather will get more intense and some coastline cities will be underwater. Business Insider predicts that “414 coastal cities are already doomed.” These cities will be underwater eventually, no matter what we do to rescue them. Given this shocking news, we should be all-in to prevent other cities from having the same fate. Hurricanes will become stronger, rain will become more acidic, and sea levels will rise 5 feet in the near future. Climate change should be one of the most important issues you face right now and as your presidential tenure continues. Although I, along with many other experts, am convinced climate change is primarily man made, there are people who believe it’s a natural occurrence. Some don’t believe because Townhall.com says, “Climate models showing global warming have been wrong over and over.” Some people also say Earth’s temperature always goes up and down regularly. This may be true, but nothing has ever been recorded this severe. But it can’t be a coincidence when several scientists create very similar models. I’m a firm believer humans have already done damage to Earth, but we can’t dwell on the past. There is nothing that can be done about the past, so it’s crucial our focus remains on the present and future. There’s only so much one person can do involving this issue. That is, for anyone except the President of the United States. While in office, you, the president has control over every U.S. citizen. Litter being a major contributor to global warming, I think there should be a bigger penalty than there is right now. Also, you can air commercials spreading the dangers of global warming to all corners of the country. You also can cut down on the deforestation, as trees create new oxygen. Lastly, fossil fuel use needs to be reduced. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, then, as NASA: Climate Change explains, “... the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space.” One possible reduction could be making electric cars cheaper, more attractive to buy. These are just some simple suggestions to you. I’m sure if you can become president, you can find ways to combat today’s biggest problem. Sincerely, Tim