Will M. California

NASA is not funded enough

America's space program, NASA, is having a mission to both Venus and Mars in the next decade or two and they need to be funded more than they do now because of it. They currently make less than 1% of government funds, while the military is given about 30% of it. They also study the Earth's climate, which is especially important at this time when we're reaching higher global temperatures annually.

Dear Future President…

During your time in the White House, I think that you should recognize a problem I think to be major in the glorious field science. Because NASA takes less than 1% of annual funding each year, humanity can only advance at a slow rate.

Even with government war funds separate from that of our military, they still got a third of government funds in 2013. That’d be about a trillion dollars! In the same year, NASA was only given 0.5%, which is only 18.4 billion dollars. NASA only got to the moon because America didn't want the USSR to do any more achievements in space. This is also because America was against communism. It looks like the government doesn’t care about scientific achievements as much as it did then. They won’t pay NASA anymore unless it affects their paycheck, and not humanity as a whole.

Thanks to the space association being given so little, their missions to Mars and Venus will take much longer than it should. NASA also studies more than just the cosmos though. They also study our climate and population. These are both large concerns right now and NASA needs to find a solution and make it clear to the public. If not, climate change will blow us away and humanity will no longer exist.

Our society doesn't seem to care about this because they're either ignorant towards the issue or are opposing science. Other people who oppose NASA believe that we do not need science to further advance humanity.

Although this is a real problem, I've thought of some solutions. We can make this clear to the public.and allow them to give donations to NASA. This, or we can protest to make the government itself to fund the program by at least more than 2%.

In conclusion, America’s government is funding NASA by less than 1%. This is both worrying if you consider the fact that NASA is the best space program of all the countries that have one. They must have more money for in so they can have a research budget easy to take care of. This, and to be able to afford a Mars and a Venus mission within this century. 



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