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Marijuana for the people

The legalization of marijuana,and the laws that are stopping it.

Dear Future President,

I believe that the law on marijuana has been too strict, and I believe this for multiple reasons that I am about to explain. First off, alcohol is a mind altering substance, so tell me why is marijuana illegal? Second off, “cannabis” is legal in some states and not in other states. If it's fair for one, I feel it should be fair for all.Thirdly, more than half of the American population sees it fit to legalize marijuana. Medical use is not the only advantage to marijuana, but people kill for the drug and legalizing it would lower death rates from killing to get their hands on marijuana.

A fun fact is that in Colorado weed got more votes than Obama. The legalization of marijuana has been If I could vote, I would surely vote for the candidate more likely to legalize marijuana. The president of the future that would legalize marijuana would get more votes than any other. The current states where marijuana is legal are,” Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arkansas, and Washington DC.”

Even before marijuana is sold for medical use, it is tested for safety. The testers would do just the same thing if it was completely legal. Consumers should always ask questions about the drug. There could be a type of authority for the drug, like you would have to have a passport to use it. There could be another law that you have to be an American born citizen to use the drug. The conclusion to my argument is that I want marijuana legalized, and there can be laws in place for that.

East Wake Academy

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