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gun violence

We need to limit access to guns.

Recently there have been many mass shootings in the United States, and many people are scared that they could be involved in the next one. Now of course you would want to stop these mass shootings and you will be doing as much as you can to keep anymore from happening again, But I think that there is a much more favorable approach that you should take interest in. This approach that I am referencing to will not only reduce gun deaths, but it will also reduce the load on our police forces and in turn make our country more safe, and stuff like gun identification has been calculated to be able to lower the gun deaths. Although yes it can be argued that this might not be the change our country needs to stop gun violence, I stand by my research and think that there is irrefutable evidence from studies that this approach will make a big difference. Here is why.

Right now in this country you may think that if someone was to get shot in the streets by another person who didn’t have any sort of fingerprint protection, left tracks and then drove off, you would think it would be a pretty easy case to solve right? Quite the contrary actually, because this sort of thing happens all the time, in fact in Chicago only 26% of all 476 homicides have been solved, only 26%. These kinds of things are unacceptable and are threatening the whole U.S.A. not just chicago. Now although these are very daunting looking numbers I think we still can lower homicide rates and make more cases solved if we do as I mentioned above which is gun identification. If you happen to not know what gun identification is it is where cops take any part from a gun left at a crime scene and they take it back to someone who reviews it to find out what type of gun it is and possibly even what brand the gun is. If we were to implement this into a large scale we could figure out so much about the perpetrators of the crime and make the process of arresting them faster and easier.

Second, another great way to lower the deaths of guns would to do something super simple, which is expanding background checks and making background checks harder to pass, because surprisingly about 82% of the guns used in mass shootings were legal. I believe that this would not only lower gun deaths because it would be stopping crazy people or people who definitely do not deserve to have guns, but it would also be deterring criminals from even trying to get guns because if they tried to buy a gun they would be denied. Now you could also argue that it would deter them from buying one legally but it would influence them to then buy a gun illegally, which brings me to my next point.

Right now in the U.S.A. everybody is arguing about whether we should ban guns or not, yet it seems like no one is focused on a much bigger issue which is people buying guns illegally from gun dealers or online. I think one great way to fix this is we should focus less on the war on drugs and focus a little more on the illegal gun market. Because if we were to implement all the other points I made in this letter and not this one, then it simply wouldn’t work. This problem is also a reason why my first point has not been implemented, because if it was put in then murderers and criminals would just buy their guns illegally and the gun wouldn’t be tied to them and you couldn’t track who they were. Now you could argue that there is no way to actually stop the illegal buying of guns, but just because you can’t stop it doesn’t mean you can’t lower it greatly.

In conclusion,I believe that this issue is of great importance and deserves attention because gun violence can affect anybody at any time.  I think if you follow the steps I showed, then gun violence can be lowered by upwards of 90%. I strongly recommend you care about this before it gets too out of hand. Thank you for reading. 

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