Vanessa California

Discrimination is wrong and needs to stop

discrimination against blacks

Dear next president,

I think that people should stop judging black people through negative stereotypes because when I'm with my black friends parents tend to look at me crazy. When I’m with them I get looked at the wrong way and get questioned why I hang out with them. My friends parents don't even let her date black guys because they thinks he's not going to be good enough for her over rumors that have been said. This issue matters to the world because discrimination against blacks continues in the U.S.A because discrimination continues.

People with African American names were less likely to get a call back for a job. Studies show that people will trust lighter skinned color people then blacks. Others in the world think that just because you hang out with black people or are being raised by one that you are just going to end up just like them “disrespectful” and “violent”. Because of the way they look and of the bad stereotypes and rumors that have been told. An old friend of mine got adopted by a black family and her own blood line started bad talking about her saying she isn't going to be raised right. There was an article about a black couple that adopted a white girl and they had a play date at the park and the black man was talking to her and others that were there asked her in front of her adopted black parents if she was okay because they thought she was going to get kid-nap or something.

That's honestly not right for people to be thinking that way. I get how there are some black people that are bad and that have been known for that. But I have met some wonderful black people in my life that have no bad intentions. What I would want to propose to you as the president to address the issue all around the U.S.A. I believe it will be effective if you let it be known if you implemented to all of us. My desired outcome would be that there would finally be a change and discrimination against blacks would end. 

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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