celina California

Discrimination against race

Discrimination against race

Dear future President,

Surely you would agree that many people have been disrespected for being themselves? I think you as president needs to help stop discrimination against race and address the situation. We should all be treated equally and have our full rights, to respect the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, and put an end to slavery especially those who are of minority, come from beliefs, sexuality, and with income status.

According to U.S. Department of Justice, research shows that police will allegedly pull over and search 80% more of time to blacks or latinos/hispanic more likely than those who are white. Were as whites people have a percentage of 8% of getting stopped. This issue matters to the world because it affects how people’s behavior towards each other are or how one deals with the other person.

Since the Civil Rights Movement where it was tough for African Americans to achieve access to education, housing and many more. There has never been such significant development of an impact since the twentieth century on the legal and political organizations of the US. Numerous laws have been made by the Government and Federal on forbidding employers to discriminate any other employees on almost any ground due to their race, color, religion, sex, and age. According to Civil Rights Movement all the people should be allowed to experience a job where they are able to complete full equivalent work of administration hours, service, points of interest, and be in a building of any public place without any discrimination.

Some others in the world think that racism is a huge problem for this country. They think this because there has been tons of discrimination conducted towards another opposed race off of their theory that one race is more superior than the other. A man named John McWhorter from the University of California Berkeley, says racism in America is over if we have an African American president we shouldn’t be a racist country, he says. Since racism sparks up controversy, tension builds up and has caused many riots. In the 1900’s a shooting occurred in New Orleans which included 20,000 people, and lasted for 4 days. (Brown and Stentiford, xxiv) I think you the next president should address this issue as it can hurt the people who make up our country. We can change this by making more effective resources to give knowledge to those who think of superior race and youth to better educate themselves of how this happens out in the real world and how you the future of the U.S. can help stop this problem. You can never change a person's mind but you can always educate them.

Through years we can make small progress Nationally we have made movements in history with numerous of laws that has made racism change in history. We can now change it for the better of children, so they don’t live in a society that still discriminates towards color but instead embraces difference.

Sincerely, Celina Morales