Kelsea W. California

Stop Abortions Today

When you have an abortion it takes the chance away for the child to have a life, and I believe that is wrong.

Dear Next President,

Right now abortion is a very controversial subject, you have your two very different sides, Pro Choice and Pro Life. Pro Choice is basically for abortions and that women have the right to abort their babies. Pro Life is against abortions and that you believe in the life of a fetus and that it deserves the right to live even before you decide to abort. As New Health Guide says “Six weeks later blood is flowing inside the body...improved heartbeat rate of 100 to 160 every minute, you can hear a baby’s heartbeat at six weeks gestation.” I am Pro Life I believe that every fetus should have the right to life, unless you have a certain circumstance which you want to abort the child. An example might be getting raped, or not be able to financially care for the child the way that you should be, or the fetus has an incurable disease that can lead them to suffer for the rest of their life.

I believe that abortions should be made illegal. Do you know any of the effects that an abortion can have? Have you seen the emotional and the physical damage it can do to some mothers that have aborted their child. The New York Times says “More than half of Americans live in states where abortion is prohibited at about 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy.Bans abortion when a fetus is deemed viable outside the womb,” In my opinion if the baby is “deemed viable” then shouldn’t it have the chance to live afterwards. Mr. or Mrs. President can you make this illegal?

Many people say that they have abortions because they can’t financially care for the fetus afterwards, if they plan on going through with the pregnancy. Then something happens accidently and you can’t care for the child the way that it should be cared for then I guess you can go through with abortion. Since you would be probably focusing more on trying to get better financially then how would you be able to care for the child. Would you put it into adoption, or would you just keep him or her and let the child have a bad life because you decided not to abort it earlier. Other people also abort their baby because it has an incurable disease and you don't want it to suffer through out school, or life. Let’s say that the baby has an incurable disease that would cause it to be in pain for the rest of its life. Would you decide to take it out of it misery or just let the poor child suffer for the rest of its life.

As the "women on the web” wrote “Most women report feeling a sense of relief that they have made the best decision under the circumstances.” But there is still that percentage of women that say that they feel regret after their abortion because they were pressured into by their significant other, or because they thought that at that time it was the right thing to do. Abortion ends a life even before it really begins. If it has a heart beat then it has a chance. Stop Abortion Now! 

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