Aishwarya A. California

Educational Inequalities

The issue I would like to address is educational inequalities also known as educational segregation. Educational segregation needs to be addressed because it is impacting the country's development.

Dear Mr. President,

The issue I would like to address is educational segregation. Educational segregation needs to be addressed because it is impacting the country's development. The school system was created so all students of any race and gender can go to any school and receive equal education. Although that is its purpose, it’s not being fulfilled. Educational segregation is impacting the country's development and there are ways it can be fixed. Some people are pushed out of schools and are discriminated in schools just because of their race. I believe that educational segregation should be stopped and fixed. According to amendment number 9, “Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. “

Educational segregation is impacting the country's development in many ways. If people do not get education, or if it’s not very good, they have a chance of becoming homeless. Therefore, the government would have to take care of the problem of homelessness. Some children who are not allowed to go to school or did not get a good education could have been the person that can create an entirely new product, solve crisis, or cure diseases. But, we’ll never know, because the circumstances of home life and schooling deprived them of the opportunity to see what they could have done. "Here we are, 60 years later after the Brown vs. Board Education, and the data all together still shows a picture of gross inequity in educational opportunity," said Daniel J. Losen, director of the center for Civil Rights Remedies at the University of California in 2010. It is extremely difficult for anyone to get a good education in a poor school. While wealthy kids in nice neighborhoods are getting top teachers and all the resources they can ask for, the poor kids have to go to lousy schools.

When students are discriminated in school, the students could feel dejected, and start flunking in school. “Discrimination lowers academic performance for minority students and puts them at greater risk of dropping out of school” claims Joy Resmovits from the Huffington Post in an article on June 24, 2015. According to a government education census in 2013, “People born foreign to America but moved to America for education has a higher chance of dropping out of school before high school than the people native to America. That is because the people foreign to America are discriminated more in school.” The students could do things like drugs, drinking, smoking tobacco, committing suicide, committing murders, and more. Students could start getting suspended or expelled. According to the US Education Department's 2011-2012 Civil Rights Data Collection, "Black students are suspended or expelled at triple the rate of their white peers.”

Educational segregation happens in many places and there are ways we can fix it. A book called NurtureShock written by Po Bronson in September 3, 2008, wrote that "Dr. Walter Stephan, a professor emeritus at New Mexico State University, made it his life's work to survey student's racial attitudes after their first year of desegregation. He found that in 16% of the desegregated schools examined, the attitudes of whites toward African Americans became more favorable. In 36% of the schools, there was no difference. In 48% of the schools, white students' attitudes towards blacks became worse". To fix educational segregation, we can protest. We can start campaigns, fundraisers, advertisements and other things to publicize and help prevent educational segregation. We can also enforce the laws, amendments, programs, etc against educational segregation. Some people say that people do not get a good education because their parents did not raise enough money for them. People say it is the family’s fault and they have to be better with the student. But I think that it is a continuing cycle. Since people are not aloud to get a proper education, they cannot get a well paying job. Then they will have kids who cannot get get a proper education therefore not being able to get a well paying job. This keeps happening unless someone does something about this cycle. We have to stop this cycle so that everyone can get a proper education.

To conclude, educational segregation is impacting the world’s and the students development. We should help to prevent educational segregation and help people who are going through it. We should publicize educational segregation so that people get to know what an impact it has on so many people. Even if some people would disagree with my article, I hope I have given my tights and evidence to support my claim.


Aishwarya Anand

Lobo School of Innovation

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