Shanna H. California

Police Brutality

The problem that needs to be stopped.

To the next President of the United States,

Throughout all the research I have been doing I have come to a conclusion that we have a major problem with police brutality in the United States. I think this is one of this biggest problems as of now because, it’s happening everyday and each time it’s happening it gets worse and worse. The Guardian is something that tracks how many people are killed everyday by police, according to The Guardian in the year of 2015 a total of 920 people were killed. The problem then again I would like to address is Police brutality in the United States, it has to stop.

The problem of police brutality has been going on since the 1900’s, An example of police brutality is when a bunch of policemen started beating a man on the side of the road. The biggest problem that occurred from that situation was that, none of the policemen got convicted of a crime although they were seen beating the man in the video. You see that’s what needs to stop if someone else were to beat a man or woman up they would most likely get convicted with domestic violence and have to spend time in jail as well as taking anger management classes for 14-18 months. Even though Domestic Violence isn’t just hitting it could be any form of assault or stalking."Domestic Violence Defendants More Likely to Be Convicted than Non-domestic Violence Defendants."PsycEXTRA Dataset (n.d.): n. pag. Web.

The main problem is the fact that police seem to think that they can do whatever they want, which shouldn’t be allowed. Everyone should be treated equally, Statistics from The Guardian mentioned earlier have shown that in the year of 2016, 532 people have been killed and that’s only in a 6 month time period. All these people that were killed were mostly people that are unarmed, colored or have mental illnesses. For one if a person is unarmed and is fighting back there’s no reason to shoot them with a deathly bullet, that is why there are tasers. Another majority of people getting shot are the colored, The way that I see it is we are all humans. Maybe we don’t all look the same on the outside but on the inside we are all somewhat the same. The third majority getting shot are people with illnesses, For one most of the time people with mental illnesses don’t respond the same way as everyone else. To solve this one problem I feel there needs to be training on every kind of situation such as the ones listed here.

Police brutality had lead people to start a group by the name of “Black Lives Matter”. What they do is spread the word that since more than half of the police killings are African Americans they believe that police are being bias towards the color of their skin which is the possibility of making them a target. What they want is Restorative Justice, According to the people running Black Lives Matter they state in this section that “We intentionally build and nurture a beloved community that has bonded together”. This is saying how they just want people to feel safe, not only that they want people to be together. To fix this problem we are going to have to put things to action.

Other people might think there is not a problem at all with this police brutality situation. Everyone is able to have there own opinions on police brutality. According to the president of the United States he states that police are a symbol of authority and if they tell you to go, you go. In that the president of the United States is stating there wouldn’t be a problem if people just listened the president also states that the young people are increasing “disrespect for authorities”. This could be leading to what we now call Police brutality. According to Philip Stinson only a matter of 13 cops have been convicted of a crime since he year of 2005. That’s almost only 1or 2 cop every year for every 1000 people.

My problem is Police Brutality as I stated many times, This letter is suppose to be about suggesting solutions to the person we are going to call the President of the United States. My suggestions for stopping this problem would be to one, make the video recorders and cameras on there body suits not be able to delete stuff unless it is necessary. My second suggestions or well solution is to get you the President to make national announcement, Why am I suggesting a public announcement? This is so that people will see how big of an impact it’s done to this state as a whole. One more solution I would like to bring up is major training and better education. The pros of the policemen having more training and better education is so that they have an even better understanding on what to do in certain situations and how to do it. All of these solutions are duable, the possibility of the killing rate going down is high. Help people not be scared to walk down the street just because there race,gender etc.


Shanna Hunt

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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