Sandra Kansas

Types of People Who Immigrate

People don't know my story.

Hello Future President,

My name is Sandra. I have taken the time to discuss with you about immigration and what kind of people come to the US and their reasons why. First I want to say that my color of skin tells people a lot about me but sometimes it’s very stereotype, but those people don’t know my story or myself. Many people want to look at people that have immigrated and think they are lower class or a bad person. Having many people say negative stuff about people who immigrate has made America think we don’t have a great country. This is just wrong in my perspective.

There have been so many issues with immigration in the U.S. and it brings hatred to each other. People come here for a better life and much more opportunity they couldn’t get back in their country. America is suppose to be a loving place where everyone loves everyone no matter what their skin color is or where they come from. Every person wants what is best for themselves and their families and that’s why people immigrant to the U.S. because we have more income and better education system. There’s violence everywhere and people sometimes just want to get away from that, this is another reason why people immigrate they’re scared of those who endanger them.

I understand some people don’t have a paper where they say they’re legal and a resident from here but what does a paper have to do with what kind of people there is. Having hate against other race is just making this country more difficult to live in. After all this is our nation’s future what we do about racism will follow to the future until we do something about it. We all are human being, we are living that should be a reason to stop hatred because we all are the same. Everyone dies at some point so why should we spend our lives hating on current people just because they way they look? If we just stop with this nonsense and get people to listen we could live a better life where it doesn’t matter where you came from or how you were raise because we would still love each other.

I think people should just think twice before judging someone who comes from another country because we don’t know how they lived, maybe we should get to know them before judging someone and parents should’ve taught their kids this. I just don’t think it’s right for someone to hate against others just because what they look like on the outside but what really counts it’s the inside and their knowledge. We should just learn to love and trust each other and just maybe we wouldn’t have all this violence.

This country is supposed to be able equality and freedom and we are not showing that if all we do is blame people who immigrate. Everyone should understand that if immigration wasn’t an issue this country would be way better and have a lot of unity, and more love than hate.