kallista s. Wisconsin


Better opportunities for others who deserve it.

Dear President,

The amount of people suffering in this world is truly astonishing. As humans, we as a whole should feel sympathetic for people in situations of discomfort on a large scale. Many, if not all, of the immigrants coming into this country have experienced suffering in some form. For the United States to close off our country and not provide a way of life that could be beneficial to so many individuals would do much more damage to this world than good. It's understandable how one could see immigrants being let into the US as potentially harmful because of what Americans have experienced so far. With that being said, the benefits that could prosper in letting the United States be an outlet for immigrants under bad circumstances would most definitely outweigh the negative. Not only would it make the US a more diverse and cultural habitat, but it would allow happiness to be reachable. Happiness not only for those who receive a more comfortable residence, but for those who provide. Being able to say we're a part of a country who is growing morally by creating or mending lives worth living is a beautiful thing. To take that away and not allow immigrants into the United States would be a travesty. 


Kallista Shulak