Selena Kansas

Animal Neglect

We can help save many animals

Dear Future President,

My name is Selena, I am 17 years old, and I live in Kansas City Kansas. Something I am very concerned of is animal cruelty, there is a large amount of animals that are being abused and are not given the attention that they need. My family and me went on a road trip to Oklahoma. While I was staying with my cousin at her house we seen a cute small dog walking, and it broke my heart because the dog had cuts all over his body and he was very skinny, we fed him and gave him water and we called the animal control to take him. After I realized that there are many other animals like this being neglected all over the world and I feel that that little by little we can all make a change.

According to the website 70.1% of those animals being abuse involve dogs, 20.9% involve cats and 24.1 % involved other animals. There is a lot of animals being abused and some way we need to stop that. There is many ways we can help to stop animal abuse, there is many ways people abuse animals. In one survey, 71 percent of domestic violence victims supported that their abuser also targeted pets. ( There is different ways animals get abused. I ask myself why? If those animals are innocent and they do nothing to deserve this.

There is many different great ways we can help save many animals. We can help by making fundraisers, providing more shelters to different kind of animals, calling animal control whenever we see an animal also open up more adoption centers so people can have more of these adorable animals. People never give their time to care about these animals but if they can realize that it does not even take a lot to help these animals. I think that every pet is cute and they make great pets it's not just helping them but also helping the person that owns the pets because they make you happy and they can protect you.

I’ve gotten to the conclusion that everyone should help and be apart of the rescue team for animal cruelty. It does not take much and it is a great way to help little innocent creatures all over the world, there is many ways we can all make a change in their lives.