Hector H. Kansas

Pro life Matters

Abortion can cause regrets.

Hello Future President,

My name is Hector. The purpose of this letter is because I want to let you know of my opinion towards abortion. Not only do I want to state my opinion but I have some facts too. In my opinion abortion is something very horrible to do. Abortion is something that at the end it can cause regrets. It’s taking away a life that was ready to live. Abortion takes place more than 1 million times a year, according to “U.S Abortion Statistics”.

Abortion has created many problems. In Kansas and other states abortion is illegal. This is because doctors know that it is wrong to kill a life. In other states that it is legal, doctors still try to talk out the patients of having an abortion. There are many other things that you can do instead of killing a life.

Adoption is one of the choices people have instead of abortion. The life that is being created can even be a future president, but they are getting that future taken away. According to the Abortion Statistics, There are approximately 45 million abortions per year worldwide.

I feel like abortion shouldn’t even exist. If you are not ready to have a baby then don’t have sexual relationships at all. But that is the thing; many people have ”sex”. They also say that condoms can prevent pregnancy but what if the condom rips? You may never know what can happen.

Overall I want you the future president to think about a way to end abortion. It is not right for our country. You want our population to grow, not decrease.